Greenwood Cemetery

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When searching for a gothic space in NYC, Green-Wood Cemetery located at 500 25th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232, which doubles as a National Historic Landmark, is a must see. Stepping past the metal fence and walking up to the main entrance of the cemetery you can’t help but notice the grand gates of Green-Wood.

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As you can see here the entrance was built in a Gothic Revival Style. The high pointed arches are reminiscent of medieval structures such as castles and churches. The intricate styling of the structure depicts the picturesque complex design work often seen in roofs and windows of Gothic structures. Also, the sculpture here on the gate displays religious scenes from the bible which are also common in Medieval Architecture. The scene on the gate illustrates the death and resurrection from the New Testament. And structures similar to this can be found throughout the cemetery; and despite the consistent upkeep, many often have signs of decay.

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Continuing into the landmark, with its many twist and turns, you discover that it’s not only grand in nature but also eerie and gloomy. The many graves which happen to be worn with decay are often missing body parts as well. Also, the life-like sculptures that signify a grave-marker gives off a very uncanny feeling of helplessness, especially the ones of young children or entire families.

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The park itself has many rolling hills, twisting paths, massive trees and underground catacombs to explore. If one is not careful it is easy to feel lost and trapped within its gates. Overall the park can inspire sublime and uncanny feelings during the day, but you may not want to be caught in it at night.