Top Pizza Trends 2019 for the Pizza-Lovers

Are you a pizza lover? For those who are die-hard fans of pizzas, it is the ultimate go-to classic dish or even a staple meal for many out there. The family pleaser, the cure for a bad day, mood-booster –whatever you might call it, the love for a delicious platter of pizza is unparalleled all around the world. This Middle Eastern cuisine has recently gained huge impetus all around the world as more pizza-making chains are gearing up to surprise their customers with something appealing as well as delicious almost every year.

With endless options to customize –right from the toppings to the crust, pizza-making or pizza-customizing trends keep changing from time to time. With 65 percent of the global consumers saying that taste is a primary driver when it comes to loving a pizza, the idea that you can customize a slice of pizza as you like it is drawing the attention of the pizza-enthusiasts from different corners of the world.

If you are searching for that perfect pizza outlet near you then, here are some of the latest pizza trends that you should know about:

  • Cauliflower Crust: With more people going gluten-free or vegan in the modern era, there is a great demand for plant-based pizza toppings as well as crusts to enhance the overall experience. If you are looking for a healthier alternative to your day-to-day pizza that comes with a traditional crust, cauliflower crust is something that you might love tasting. This crust option is not only a great healthy alternative, but it also turns out to be gluten-free.

    You can come across a vast number of exciting recipes on the internet for preparing a pizza with a cauliflower crust. With more pizza-lovers loving the all-new concept, this trend is not expected to be going away soon. The pizza crust is known to offer a gluten-free alternative to traditional pizzas and can add to your favorite pizza list.
  • Detroit-style Pizza: It is high time to move over the old-fashioned, conventional Chicago-styled deep dish pizza servings. The all-new Detroit-style pizza is the new thing. Unlike a typical circular-shaped pizza serving, the Detroit-style pizza serving is rectangular and comes with a thick, crispy crust.

    The crispy, delicious crust of the pizza can be topped with conventional pizza toppings including sausage or pepperoni. The latest range of rectangle-shaped pizza serving is becoming highly popular all around the world and is becoming a huge hit all over!
  • Unique Toppings: Gone are the days when pizza toppings only implied the common ingredients like veggies, pepperoni, sausages, and others. The pizza-lovers all around the world love experimenting with their pizza platter and thus, love it when offered with unique options for pizza toppings. It is now time to move over the cheesy flavors and try out something adventurous on your next pizza treat.

    You can look forward to mixing up your traditional pizzas with the non-conventional pizza topping ideas to escalate the overall experience. Whether experimenting with the toppings implies adding a dose of avocado to the all-healthy pizza, or including a chicken quesadilla pizza to your menu, pizza-enthusiasts all around the globe are craving to try out unique pizzas having uncommon toppings. Are you Looking for a creative pizza topping idea? Try out the trending concept of adding different kinds of pasta like tortellini, cheese, or mac, to your pizza topping.
  • Innovative Sauces: While everyone loves the tomato-based sauces for their pizza servings, the food-lovers around the world are experimenting with non-tomato based sauces for a delicious treat. Whether it is for satisfying the taste buds garnering likes on social media, food-lovers are still clamoring to try out the fun pizzas with non-tomato flavored sauces.

    Some of the innovative sauce ideas including olive tapenade, Alfredo sauce, or a slight drizzle of ranch on the pizza top. Not ready to be adventurous with your pizza yet? Having a pizza that comes with the pesto or barbecue sauce topping on the menu can still be something creative when it comes to trying out the non-tomato based sauces for your pizza.
  • CBD-infused Pizza: CBD –Cannabidiol, is gaining popularity all around the world–especially to the field of medicines. A recent study by Upserve revealed that menu items with CBD as an ingredient has increased to as much as 99 percent in the year 2018. CBD is known for its medicinal property to provide relief from anxiety, seizures, insomnia, spasms, and various other medical conditions without imposing the side-effects of other
    pharmaceutical drugs.

    In case your pizza was not marvelous itself, the all-new trend of CBD-infused pizzas is becoming popular in different corners of the world. Spinelli’s Pizza, Tempe, Arizona recently became famous for introducing the CBD-infused pizza and other cocktails to the menu.

Have an excellent pizza-bonding time!