The Next Big Thing In Invention

New invention ideas come about each and every day and some of these inventions are so epic that they are on the verge of becoming the next big invention to hit the market or aid mankind.

Some of these inventions considered to be on the verge of becoming the next big thing. Here is a look at some these important inventions.

A Smart Needle

There is an invention of a smart needle that can actually detect cancer without the need for an expensive biopsy. Not only does this mean that cancer can be detected faster and at less cost that has so far been possible, but that cancer may be detected earlier making treatment more successful in the future. This smart needle may well reduce costs of some medical treatments and also save lives.

Method for Charging Electric Batteries for Electric Cars Faster

Electric cars are great inventions, but these cars need their batteries charged every 150 to 300 miles. Charging those batteries can take an hour or more, which makes traveling any real distance in an electric car extremely inconvenient. Now there is a way of speeding up the charging time to take only about 10 instead by heating up the temperature of the battery for short periods.

Smart Food Labels

Each year there is billions of tons food wasted each year. A good percentage of this food is thrown out due the “Use by” labels on food packages. People buy food and when it is not used by the expiration date they throw the food out because the fear it is no longer safe to eat. The invention of Smart Food Labels may save you from throwing out perfectly good food. Smart food labels are in the works that will actually be able to detect when the food inside the package is actually spoiled and no longer good to eat either because the food has contacted some disease such as salmonella or will alert you to when food is spoiled.

These smart food labels will allow you to know that food it is okay to use that has passed the “used by” date reducing the amount of food that is wasted and saving you money on your grocery bill.

A Way to Change Plastic Into Fuel

There is a method in the works that will change plastic into fuel. If this system comes to fruition this invention will reduce the demand on the fossil fuels (which the world is quickly running out of) until alternative energy sources can be found and proven to be workable. In addition, being able to turn those plastics into fuel will result in reducing the amount of waste that ends up in lands fills and pollutes the planet.

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