Medical Inventions Designed To Combat Pandemic

These days things are extremely hectic with people worldwide being worried about the Covid 19 pandemic. Lots of inventors have been rushing to figure out things they can do in order to help fight this deadly virus. Here are some of the medical inventions that could possibly either now or someday fight pandemics:

A medical tricorder: Start Trek TV show fans likely have heard of a medical tricorder device that can scan someone and diagnose their medical problems. Believe it or now, there are people out there working hard to create a real one! One such possibility is called SPTT or Standoff Patient Triage Tool being designed by the DHS Science and Technology Directorate.

It can actually be as far as forty feet from a patient and still diagnose things like their pulse rate, temperature, and respiration. It works via laser doppler vibrometry. It sends out light signals and the algorithms in it scan the patient and return the results along with infrared and optical video signals. It is meant to speed up triage operations. And the fact it could do it forty feet away is great for social distancing!

Hands-free door openers:  You may not think this would be considered a medical invention, but it is great when medical people have clean and sanitized hands and need to get into a door somewhere. Some viruses can live on surfaces for several days, so it’s vital for them not to touch doors or other surfaces.

Some companies are using 3-D printing technology to get these out to the market. For instance, the “hygiene hook” which Steve Brooks of London invented. You can put it in your pocket and it’s made of nonporous material, so it is simple to clean. It is available in 4 different styles and the inventor is donating one hook for every one he sells.

Another one is by Welshman Wyn Griffiths. It clips to a door handle and you use your forearm to open a door. He is giving out a 3-D pattern for free so medical hospitals can print them or others can do so and distribute where needed.

Masks and ventilators: Several people and groups are coming up with various innovative masks and ventilators during Covid 19.  These include Virustatic Shield in the UK, which has an anti-viral coating; as well as Dr. Rhys Thomas in Wales at the Glanwili Hospital, who invented a basic type of ventilator, which can help non-intensive care patients. His device also cleans and purifies the air and the patient can use it themselves, so the nurses can be helping more serious patients.

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