Is Online English Teaching The New Global Gig?

“H-E-L-L-O! Let’s learn the days of the week together! Today is T-H-U-R-S-D-AY”. If you are saying this, you are likely one of thousands of English speakers earning a crust during this pandemic. With hourly rates of up to £40, this gig is becoming popular.

The worldwide demand for learning the English language is growing exponentially especially throughout the coronavirus crisis. The need for native English speakers to teach has risen 80% since March. This comes as no surprise considering school closures and loss of employment for many across the world.

The path to gain access to this mushrooming market is well trodden, but still a secret. With just a stable internet connection, a knowledge of the English language and a TEFL, you could be on the way to financial freedom from the comfort of your own home.

The first step to get into the online teaching world is to take a course in how to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) which you can study at home. Many companies offer this qualification and a quick internet search will open your eyes to what’s available.

Finding a job afterwards as a virtual tutor is pretty easy too – especially as a native English speaker. With the worldwide demand for English teachers online, you won’t be short of opportunities. Some of the larger job platforms such as DADA and iTutor regularly recruit newly certified teachers, but there are hundreds of other companies.

According to PremierTEFL – one of Europe’s largest trainers of teachers of TEFL there has been a 95% increase in students taking a course in how to teach English who want to work from home. Rosie Mansfield, MD states that the change of career direction from many people since the start of the Pandemic has been understandable. She says “ Dozens of online language learning platforms are hiring up to 1000 new teachers monthly to keep up with student demand and new teachers can earn anything from $10-30 an hour” According to Mansfield, “Many students want to learn conversational English therefore online teaching is much easier than people fear.

Could this be the start of the largest gig economy of all? At the current rate, very probably”.