Medical Inventions Designed To Combat Pandemic

These days things are extremely hectic with people worldwide being worried about the Covid 19 pandemic. Lots of inventors have been rushing to figure out things they can do in order to help fight this deadly virus. Here are some of the medical inventions that could possibly either now or someday fight pandemics:

A medical tricorder: Start Trek TV show fans likely have heard of a medical tricorder device that can scan someone and diagnose their medical problems. Believe it or now, there are people out there working hard to create a real one! One such possibility is called SPTT or Standoff Patient Triage Tool being designed by the DHS Science and Technology Directorate.

It can actually be as far as forty feet from a patient and still diagnose things like their pulse rate, temperature, and respiration. It works via laser doppler vibrometry. It sends out light signals and the algorithms in it scan the patient and return the results along with infrared and optical video signals. It is meant to speed up triage operations. And the fact it could do it forty feet away is great for social distancing!

Hands-free door openers:  You may not think this would be considered a medical invention, but it is great when medical people have clean and sanitized hands and need to get into a door somewhere. Some viruses can live on surfaces for several days, so it’s vital for them not to touch doors or other surfaces.

Some companies are using 3-D printing technology to get these out to the market. For instance, the “hygiene hook” which Steve Brooks of London invented. You can put it in your pocket and it’s made of nonporous material, so it is simple to clean. It is available in 4 different styles and the inventor is donating one hook for every one he sells.

Another one is by Welshman Wyn Griffiths. It clips to a door handle and you use your forearm to open a door. He is giving out a 3-D pattern for free so medical hospitals can print them or others can do so and distribute where needed.

Masks and ventilators: Several people and groups are coming up with various innovative masks and ventilators during Covid 19.  These include Virustatic Shield in the UK, which has an anti-viral coating; as well as Dr. Rhys Thomas in Wales at the Glanwili Hospital, who invented a basic type of ventilator, which can help non-intensive care patients. His device also cleans and purifies the air and the patient can use it themselves, so the nurses can be helping more serious patients.

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Elon Musk’s Greatest Inventions

Elon Reeve Musk is a Canadian-American business inventor, but he’s also a magnate and an engineer. Musk was born in South Africa and has been the inventor behind several well-known items and businesses. He’s actually been inventing things ever since he was a teen and these days he’s worth nearly a cool 24 billion bucks!

Here’s a listing of some of Musk’s most well-known and greatest inventions:

Tesla Motors electric car

Musk is the man behind Telsa, the company famous for electric cars. Over the last several years, it has become a household name and its stock has risen more than 700 percent! Plus this electric car company has boasted income gains of more than a billion dollars. This electric car is great for the environment and the latest model (Model 3) is supposed to be able to travel at least 200 miles on a charge and it’s really not that expensive, as it is expected to sell for a starting price of around $35K. With so much demand, they actually find it hard to keep up with the shipments to those who want them.

SpaceX, and the Falcon rocket

Musk also is famous for developing the aerospace company known as SpaceX, as well as the Falcon rocket. This happened in 2002. His rocket is interesting for many reasons, but one of which is that it is reusable, which most rockets aren’t and end up burning up in the atmosphere. This rocket and company has been used to do a lot of missions, including bringing supplies to the International Space Station. Plus, his company is expected to someday power the spacecraft that will get the crew for the space station to and from the station in the future. (now known as PayPal)

Most of us have used PayPal for buying things safely online from many retailers so we can stay safe and not have to give out personal banking information. Did you know it used to be And it was founded by none other than Musk in 1999. joined with Confinity and then it become known as PayPal. By the time eBay bought it out in 2002, it was worth over 1.5 billion bucks.


Hyperloop is a rail transportation system. It was thought of in 2013 thanks to Musk. It is expected to help the commuters get between San Francisco and Los Angeles and does it in 35 minutes. Eventually they hope it will be able to go as fast as 800 mph and use less power and reduce the drag to get high speed transportation. It is expected to start construction shortly, and start off with a five mile route that goes around Quay Valley in California, but the cost of the land and tech to create it is quite pricey, so time will tell if it is a success.

Zip2 an online city guide

This was Musk’s first online company. He created it thanks to partnering with his brother and getting money from their dad. He wanted to make city guides and help out the newspapers in the area. It was bought out by Compaq in 1999 and sold for $307 million bucks, with Musk receiving $22 million of it.

SolarCity, solar-power systems

Musk co-founded this back in 2006 along with some of his cousins. Now it is the second biggest solar power system provider in the US, and is located in California. It installs solar systems in 14 states as well as in Washington DC.

Location-specific searches

This idea was back in 1998. He wanted to create a way to search for your desired results in the area closest to where you were at when you did the search.

The Blastar video game

Believe it or not, Musk even invented a video game when he was only 12. This game actually still exists online today. Back then Musk sold his video game and netted $500 bucks, pretty good for a pre-teen!

Internet telephone calls

In 1997 this idea was one of Musk’s too. He actually got a patent in 2001. It was meant for the caller to click onto the business’ contact data on their website and then the site would route the call to the business for the caller.

Electric Jet

Musk talked about Electric Jet at the MIT’s Aeronautics and Astronautics Centennial Symposium. He is trying to develop what would be a jet using electricity for power that could also take off vertically. It would be able to go supersonic speeds. It also wouldn’t need a very large runway. It is, however, still in plans and has not been fully created as yet. But knowing Musk, likely it will happen for real and become a success!

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The Next Big Thing In Invention

New invention ideas come about each and every day and some of these inventions are so epic that they are on the verge of becoming the next big invention to hit the market or aid mankind.

Some of these inventions considered to be on the verge of becoming the next big thing. Here is a look at some these important inventions.

A Smart Needle

There is an invention of a smart needle that can actually detect cancer without the need for an expensive biopsy. Not only does this mean that cancer can be detected faster and at less cost that has so far been possible, but that cancer may be detected earlier making treatment more successful in the future. This smart needle may well reduce costs of some medical treatments and also save lives.

Method for Charging Electric Batteries for Electric Cars Faster

Electric cars are great inventions, but these cars need their batteries charged every 150 to 300 miles. Charging those batteries can take an hour or more, which makes traveling any real distance in an electric car extremely inconvenient. Now there is a way of speeding up the charging time to take only about 10 instead by heating up the temperature of the battery for short periods.

Smart Food Labels

Each year there is billions of tons food wasted each year. A good percentage of this food is thrown out due the “Use by” labels on food packages. People buy food and when it is not used by the expiration date they throw the food out because the fear it is no longer safe to eat. The invention of Smart Food Labels may save you from throwing out perfectly good food. Smart food labels are in the works that will actually be able to detect when the food inside the package is actually spoiled and no longer good to eat either because the food has contacted some disease such as salmonella or will alert you to when food is spoiled.

These smart food labels will allow you to know that food it is okay to use that has passed the “used by” date reducing the amount of food that is wasted and saving you money on your grocery bill.

A Way to Change Plastic Into Fuel

There is a method in the works that will change plastic into fuel. If this system comes to fruition this invention will reduce the demand on the fossil fuels (which the world is quickly running out of) until alternative energy sources can be found and proven to be workable. In addition, being able to turn those plastics into fuel will result in reducing the amount of waste that ends up in lands fills and pollutes the planet.

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How to Get a Prototype Made for an Invention

If you are an inventor and have come up with a viable product to sell, then you must get a prototype made to show off your invention to potential buyers or manufacturers. If you are still in the phase of coming up with a viable design for your new invention, you could benefit from getting help from experts at InventHelp, a company that assists beginning inventors.

Making a prototype is the next phase required after you have designed your invention, and must be completed prior to producing it commercially. There’s no way most people are going to take your invention seriously if you don’t have a working model of your project, and that is what a prototype is.

How to Design a Prototype

Firstly, it’s a good idea to make a drawing of your invention. This will provide a rough beginning to what you want it to look like and could ensure that you quickly see any possible flaws in your design. It will show you the characteristics of your invention and allow you to easily see if anything needs to be altered, removed or if additions are needed to make the product more feasible in true life.

If you aren’t that good at drawing, you should get it done via a computer-aided design (CAD) program. You likely will need to hire someone who is an expert in using this software for best results. Getting a prototype designed via CAD is much more accurate than a mere hand drawing. If you are having trouble finding a reliable CAD expert, then that’s another reason contacting InventHelp is a great idea, as they are great at connecting inventors with people who can help them get their projects off the ground.

Look at the competition’s product

One great suggestion for new inventors is to check out the competition that likely exists for a new product. You should buy a few of their products that are similar to your idea and take them apart to see how they work. You need to do this so you can ensure your invention solves the same problem, but does it in a better and more efficient manner.

Looking at the pieces of the competition’s products will help you to save time and you won’t have to reinvent every aspect of your invention. However, it is essential that you don’t copy someone else’s idea completely, as that is plagiarism and illegal. You merely want to use what you learn about their products so you can refine and better your own invention.

Build the prototype

Next you have to actually build a prototype. This can be a miniature version so you can show it off easier, or full sized if practical to do so. It doesn’t have to be perfect, or made out of the actual type of material the real product will be made of. It just has to show the idea you have is actually possible to make.

Of course if it is possible to make at least one working prototype, that’s even better. It all depends on your budget and how important it is for the invention to actually show off whatever it does to the potential buyer or manufacturer. Once again, if you need some ideas or help, InventHelp is a good source for new entrepreneurs.

Protect your design

Another extremely important part of the process of being an inventor is to protect your budding design. You don’t want to show it off and then have your potential buyer rip you off and steal that idea. When you set up appointments to show it off to potential buyers or manufacturers, but sure to get them to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Don’t just trust the first place you deal with because you are so excited to have invented something, as not all people are trustworthy. Be sure to look at the company’s credentials and ensure they work well with their clients. You should ask for testimonials from people they have helped in the past.

Get Funding

Of course in order to make a prototype you are going to likely need funding as not everyone is independently wealthy. You could ask friends or family to invest in your idea, but these days you can also do things like crowdfunding on sites like Kickstarter to get the funding and support you need to get your idea to market.

Being able to get your invention from something you thought up to a totally working model that you can sell on the market and get a profit from is not an easy task. It requires help, patience and faith and determination in your invention. The bottom line is if you have invented something, you need to start off with a prototype and if needed get help from places like InventHelp along your journey to success.