All You Need To Know About Street Drugs

The term “street drugs” refers to controlled substances sold illegally and used for its mood-altering, stimulant, or sedative effects. Many different drugs fall into this category. They vary in substance, shape, color, chemical properties, and effects.

Drug users expose themselves to many risks, including addiction, overdose, and death. Street drugs are very dangerous because a user can never know what is mixed into the drug he/she buys. It’s also very risky to use drugs in combination with other substances, such as alcohol or marijuana.

Though everyone knows that drugs are bad, people often think that they will only try it once to satisfy their interest, relax, cope with stressful emotions, or any other reason. Such a naïve and reckless decision has put millions of people on the road of abuse. They often end up developing addiction and becoming unable to cope with this problem on their own. Rehab for men: men-only addiction treatment centers  as well as  only for women offer treatment services for this disease.

Here’s a list of the most popular street drugs and the hazardous effects they can have on the physical and mental health of users.


Cannabis is the most prevalent illicit substance in the U.S. Most users smoke or vape weed, but edibles are also available.  Men are  more likely to smoke marijuana every day than women. So, male addiction often requires an individual approach to treatment.

Street names: Blunt, Joint, Buds, Nuggets, Pot, Dope, Ganja, Herb, Blaze, Hay, Hash, and Hemp.

Drug class: Cannabis can act as a stimulant, depressant, and hallucinogen.

The effects: Some report relaxation and drowsiness, while others feel bursts of energy and happiness.

The Side Effects: respiratory problems, high heart rate, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts.


This drug consists of dried plant material which is sprayed with synthetic chemicals. Users mostly smoke it, and some make a tea-like drink.

Street names: K2, Fake Weed, Skunk, Blaze, Black Mamba, Genie, Smacked, and Yucatan Fire.

Drug class: Synthetic cannabinoid.

The effects: Spice creates the same effects as cannabis, but much more intense.

The side-effects: high heart rate, sweating, vomiting, seizures, uncontrollable body movements, heart attack (rarely), severe anxiety, paranoid thinking, and hallucinations.


Users snort this drug or inject it. Cocaine can also be processed to create crack the can be smoked.

Street names: Coke, Blow, Rock, Sniff, Nose candy, White, Snow, Toot, Line, Dust, Flake.

Drug class: Stimulant.

The effects: a feeling of exhilaration, euphoria, hyperactivity, self-confidence.

The side-effects: Snorting cocaine causes the loss of sense of smell and taste, sneezing, sniffling, a congested nose, congestion of the chest, nasal pain, nosebleeds, sore throats. More dangerous effects include convulsions, seizures, and hallucinations.


This drug comes in a pill or powder form. Users snort or inject it.

Street names: MDMA, Molly, and Candy.

Drug class: acts as a stimulant and a hallucinogen.

The effects: a boost in energy, a sense of intense wellbeing, and a false sense of affection.

The side-effects: nausea, muscle cramping, blurred vision, chills or hot flashes, sweating, involuntary teeth clenching, disorganized thinking, sleep problems, anxiety.


Heroin comes as a white or brown powder, or a black and sticky substance called “black tar heroin.” It can be injected, snorted, sniffed and smoked.

Street names:  Dope, Smack, H, Junk, China White, Horse, White Horse, Smack, Skag.

Drug class: Opioid. More women than men receive emergency treatment for opioid abuse and addiction. Men-only rehab programs were elaborated to increase the rates of men who get treatment.

The effects: a rush of euphoria.

The side effects: collapsed veins, sores or scabs on the skin, gastrointestinal issues, kidney disease, depressed respiration (shallow breathing), slower mental functioning, risk of catching HIV and hepatitis C, overdose and death.


LSD is sold on the streets in small tablets (“microdots”), capsules, and gelatin squares (“window panes”).

Street names: Acid, Battery Acid, Cid, Doses, Golden Dragon, Superman, California Sunshine, Hippie.

Drug class: Hallucinogen.

The effects: increased feelings of closeness and trust in others, enhanced emotional empathy.

The side effects: high heart rate and blood pressure, extreme sweating, dry mouth, loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, seizures, tremors, altered thoughts, feelings, and awareness of one’s surroundings (hallucinations or “trips”), rapid and intense mood swings.


Meth is sold in a white powder form and can be swallowed, smoked, snorted, or injected.

Street names: Crystal, Chalk, Crank, Blue, and Ice.

Drug class: Stimulant.

The effects: an increased sense of awareness and a rush of energy.

The side effects: fast heart rate, increased blood pressure, high body temperature, extreme weight loss, skin infections, dental illnesses, the risk of getting HIV or hepatitis (in case of sharing needles), insomnia, anxiety, delusions, and paranoid thinking.


This man-made drug looks like household bath salts. Users eat, snort, inject, or vaporize it.

Street name: Gravel

Drug class: Stimulant

The effects: euphoric sensations, improved strength and endurance.

The side effects: fast heart rate, kidney damage or failure, heart attack (rare), agitation, paranoia, and hallucinations that could result in violent aggression, self-injury, and suicide.


This is a herb from the mint family. Users chew or vape the leaves.

Street names: Sally-D, Magic Mint, Maria Pastora, and Sage of the Series.

Drug class: Hallucinogen.

The effects: intense but short-lived high.

The side effects: Salvia has neurological, gastrointestinal, and cardiovascular effects.

Bath Salts

These designer drug is comparatively new, but they are quite popular. It looks like a crystalline powder that users inhale, swallow, or inject.

Street names: Fake Cocaine, Bloom, Cloud Nine, Scarface, Cosmic Blast, Ivory Wave, Vanilla Sky, Lunar Wave, and White Lightning.

Drug class: synthetic stimulant.

The effects: the feeling of extreme wellbeing.

The side-effects: racing heart, high blood pressure, chest pain; agitation, violence, paranoia, psychosis, hallucinations, panic attacks, and kidney failure.

Street drugs’ effects are similar to a tornado in the brain that causes emotional and chemical chaos. Often, going to a men-only rehabilitation center is the only way to battle addiction. Research shows that the combination of medicines with behavioral therapy guarantees the best chance of success. So, if you or someone you know are/is suffering from substance use disorder, find men drug rehab facilities in your area.