10 Scholarship Essay Tips That Will Help You Succeed

Applying to the college of your choice can be the most important decision and step in life. Most scholarship programs require an essay because it is the best way to find out more about the candidates and their personalities. Original text will give more insight than formal application papers and CV. Writing a compelling essay is both the most challenging and most crucial part of the college scholarship application process. In this article, we’ll go through 10 tips on how to write a scholarship essay that will make you stand out from the crowd.

10 scholarship essay tips that will help you succeed

Top scholarship essay tips

Everyone can write an essay, but how to write a good scholarship essay? It is one of the biggest problems at the beginning of your student life, but luckily with a few tips, you can overcome this obstacle.

1. Read essay statement carefully

In everything you do, it’s essential to know your audience. Read directions, respect the given frame, the word count, and other technical requirements. Your essay should also respond to all of the content demands and prompts. Follow the format and content rules as a first step.

2. Start early

Don’t wait till last day to write your essay. Give yourself enough time for creating a concept, writing, and editing. If you write a scholarship essay the night before the deadline, chances are the quality won’t be good enough.

3. Adopt to the scholarship program

You have to understand the college and scholarship committee values. Try to figure out what would an ideal candidate look like. There is a potential trap in this step. Don’t lose your personality and write something that doesn’t reflect you. Instead, think and find your experiences and personality traits and try to fit them into the ideal candidate picture.

4. Choose the topic you care about

There is a massive difference between just writing and creating an essay on the topic you feel involved. It can revolve around some of your interests or something you are passionate about. This will result in more emotion and excitement, positive tone, and overall feel of the essay.

5. Create an outline

Creating an outline will help you with the writing process. This way, you won’t forget to include important and required content points. The essay should have a basic structure of introduction, body text, and conclusion. After that, try to divide the body or the main part of the text into headings based on the things you want and need to write. You can also go more in-depth and divide main titles with subheadings and go into more detail about your achievements, challenges, and motivations.

6. Start with a strong introduction

An introduction acts as a movie trailer. That means that reading the opening paragraph has to get the committee members into the content of your essay. Your submission needs to have a great first sentence, reveal some of your motivation, and summarize your essay points.

7. Don’t hide your emotions

It’s hard to stand out from the crowd, and there are a lot of excellent students. Try to reveal some of your feelings, expose some of your vulnerabilities and passions. This way, the committee will have a glance at your inner self and could connect with your essay easier. No one expects you to be perfect, and showing how you handle with trouble or obstacles can benefit you, which leads us to the next tip.

8. Show examples from real life

Just like with job interviews, you will leave the best impression if you back up your character statements, motivations, and strengths with real-life examples. Just saying you are persistent feels empty in comparison with the high-school or work example of this trait. This will make your essay unique.

9. Read, proofread and make it better

Leave enough time for checking the structure, facts, points, and overall appeal of your essay. It’s best to look at it with time delay. Compare it with your notes and outline and see if you wrote everything that committee asked and what you wanted. Then it’s time for checking the grammar, proofreading, and formatting. There are online professional essay writer at Edubirdie that can help you with this important task if you are not satisfied or lack the know-how to write a compelling essay.

10. Use this essay as a base for other applications

Most students send more than one scholarship application. Schools have more or less similar instructions and demands, and you can re-use your application with some changes to apply for other scholarship programs.


Plan your scholarship essay carefully. It is probably the most critical part of the application process and the way the admission committee can find out what kind of person you are. Your paper should represent you, all your strengths, and some of the flaws. It needs to stand out from other essays, so you should try to make it unique by showing your emotions and using real-life examples to back up your claims. The technical part needs to be flawless. Take care of formatting, word count, grammar, and structure. You should also check did you cover all the topics and requirements college has in his instructions.

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