Retail Beverage Shop

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Retail Beverage Shop



This is the front of the winery, which is one of the biggest in the area.


I live in Washington Heights for that reason I decided to go to a winery that I frequently go, which is PJ Wine, 4898 Broadway, nr. 204th St. Therefore, I used this place for the retail shop analysis, which was a assignment that I enjoyed a lot and at the same time learned many things within the wine industry. I was able to speak with one the supervisor who name is Tom, he is the one that is in charge to explain about each category of wines in the store. I noticed that they majority of wines they sell are from Latin America and Spain, they have a huge shelf from Spain. Tom was able to tell me which are the wines that they sell the most which Wines from Spain are, I also asked him a couple of questions about wines from France and he was able to recognize and tell me each of the wines region in France such as Alsace, Burgundy etc. They are very affordable prices for customers especially on wines from Latin America such as Chile, and Argentina. The shelf that I enjoy the most was the Toros shelf (Wines from Spain).






Red wine of a region I did not know they made wine, which is Uruguay. I was surprised because I really never thought that Uruguay was a wine maker country. However, I taste this wine ad it was gorgeous

A huge variety of red wines from Spain from the Toros Shelf, the store really offers a great variety of Spain wines especially from the wine region Rioja (Gran Reserva).

In the sparkling wines shelf the French sparkling wine are predominant, but one that caught my attention was a sparkling wine from Italy Prosecco Rustico.

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