Retail Beverage Shop Analysis/Comparison

For the Retail Beverage Shop Analysis I went to Astor Wine and Spirits, located 399 Lafayette Street. I’ve never visited a winery before so this was going to be my first time and I was really excited. Upon my arrival, I noticed the decor, outside is a red flag with their name on it. It really catches your eyes. I wasn’t the only one walking in multiple people behind me walked in as well. I first browsed around and then went to speak with the store employee. I asked them how exactly are the wines organized since there is such a vast collection of multiple wines. It’s set up by country, then region, and last but not least the grape variety. Within each section each wine are priced at different expenses. The cheaper wines (but not cheap in quality) are on the bottom and as you work your way up the prices get higher. The company has 25 distributors and they work with the distributor strictly made for New York which makes sense. There’s many sections within the store and it is displayed by a circular sign above the section of each wine giving you information about the wines there. What amazed me was that there was a tasting area. I believe that’s a great idea because it gives the customer a chance to taste a new wine before buying and not liking it in the end. A huge wine shop like this should have a reason to be up and standing for as long as they have and I was told it was because of their great customer service (just like any other place, not just wine). They try not to cater and support big wine company or distributors, but instead try to support the smaller companies, which i think is great. Another thing they do is send emails to their customers about their wines. I was really surprised finding out the types of wine that came out of Mexico and I was able to go to the section and take a look. Mexico made red wine and that’s their specialty I was told. Overall, I enjoyed the experience and I would definitely visit and buy wine when I become of age from Astor Wine and Spirits. 

RedWine From Region I Did Not Know Made Wine . Mexico

Sparkling wine Not From France

Red Wine From Spain

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