Retail Wine Shop Analysis: Flatiron Wine And Spirits

Flatiron Wine and Spirits:

Located between Flatiron and Union Square park Flatiron WIne and Spirits is located on A relatively busy street. coming there from city tech took me around twenty-five minutes on the F local train. when walking up to Flatiron Wine and Spirits you see a busy window with stickers scattered around. it has a very urban and modern feel to it. upon walking in you are greeted with a vast selection of wines displayed around in just about any nook and cranny. With my school bag on I felt as though I was a bull in a china shop, paying extra attention to assure I did not break anything on knocking the wines off the boxes that were strategically placed around the store to assure you looked at all the possible wines there were to offer.

Bottles were shown like this across the room. but as well as mixed regions. When speaking to one of workers i was not greeted as soon as walking in even though they were not busy.

Shelfer talkers that tell you about the wine were portayed as above for only the wines located again the wall. The wines that were set upon islands did not have any just sign stating what type of wine was mainly located there. After 10 minutes of waiting to speak with the manager even beforehand calling and scheduling an appointment, she who did not give me her name was quite rude and treated me very poorly. When asking her how she and the purchasers of the store determine what wines to stock I got a blank stare.


When asking what was they’re best selling wine the manager directed me to one of the store’s sales associates to which she as well neglected to answer my question or introduce herself to me. After them both walking away from me I decided to take a walk around the store to take some pictures

These are the few pictures I was able to take before another store worker came up to me and requested I stop taking photos, so as for a wine that I did not take pictures for here was a wine from Croatia called plavac mali, from split. I was aware that Croatia made table wines but not any retail ones from the actual country.

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