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  1. During this week, I visited a local winery. The owner has requested that I do not disclose the name of
    the store, so I will refer to it as a downtown Brooklyn store. A photo of the outside of the store is
    unavailable due to privacy concerns.
    Upon entering the store, the first thing I noticed was the door. It requires a bit of an extra push to open,
    but it isn’t too difficult. When entered, I was greeted by a young woman. The store was very organized
    and had many shelves. Each section of the shelves had labels indicating the region, type of wine, and
    recommended food pairing. Every bit of needed detail was on the signs so its very unlikely anyone
    would have questions about the wines.
    After asking about the target market, I was told that the store leans towards students from LYU
    University and people between their mid 40’s-60’s. The owners chose this target market because of
    convince. It has hotels nearby and is the walking distance between two universities.
    These are red and white wines from France, mostly red. A particular one that I would like to talk about
    is Chateau Le Puy. This is a 2014 red wine from Bordeaux, France. It is full on the palate, has high
    amounts of tannin, and a fresh finish. It has hints of red fruit such as raspberry.
    These are shelf talkers. They tell the buyer information about the wine such as grape variety, tasting
    notes, and food pairing.
    These are sparkling wines. A particular one I would like to talk about is the Isola dei Profumi Bianco. It
    is from Sicily, Italy. This wine consists of 40% Grecanico and 60% Catarratto.
    A region I didn’t know that could make wine is South Africa. That is because I see all of Africa as a
    Savannah environment and water is too scarce to grow grapes. The Saffer Wine is a 2014 red wine
    from South Africa.
    These are some of the many red wines from Europe. A particular red wine, especially from Spain, is
    the 2016, Vina Vella Ribeira Sacra Tinto Mencia. This wine is made from vines that are aged 25-60

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