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Hotel Site Visit

I think visiting the hotel was a great opportunity for me, as I got to meet many amazing people as well as get a tour of the hotel. I got to learn about the different types of rooms and their different features, as well as the amenities they provided for their guests. For instance, the complimentary phone in each rooms that are meant for guest use, with preprogrammed emergency numbers, and guests are also allowed to take the phone out while traveling around the city. I also got to learn a lot from the people who showed us around the hotel, i learned that getting to work at multiple hotels or hospitality establishment is good for our experience, as well as maintaining well relationship with the team members throughout the establishment. I personally think that visiting the hotel was an amazing experience and I really loved the overall vibe and environment of the hotel. My first time ever visiting a four star hotel, I expected it to be very grand and luxurious looking where guests would naturally think that they should dress fancy, but that wasn’t the case for this hotel. I really liked the design of the establishment, the waiting lounge was really cozy and casual looking along with the plants that were decorated around the dining room; that it made me feel really comfortable.

Tenzing Lhamo

As my years in high school was coming to an end, I had to come up with a decision on what career path I wanted to follow. I blindly followed the crowd and decided that I should pursue a career under medical degree. It took me four semesters to finally realize that I had chosen the wrong career. I initially transferred to City Tech to major in Dental Hygiene, spent a semester and then changed my major into Hospitality Management, this is my semester as a student in this major. I had previously worked in a couple of restaurants and realized that I liked customer servicing. I chose this major as it gives me the opportunity to explore the different paths of hospitality and decide on what really interests me. Some of personal strengths are: hardworking, dedicated and determination to improve my skills.