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Last week we took a very informative tour to the NOMO Hotel in Soho. I have to say it was an amazing experience to be able to be hands on going from floor to floor room to room it makes you think about the wonderful possibilities of working in lodging. To me the most important information would have to be the idea that your aren’t really just doing one job in a hotel it’s a well oiled machine and doesn’t rely soley on the other. Food and beverage works with the front of house in the restaurant, the concierge and also the rooms division to ensure that each guests gets the proper treatment. My only regret about this hotel was the constant fees for amenities. You still have to pay for things that you don’t use. Nothing is included in your stay at this hotel, which is kind of a let down but doesn’t take away from the overall feel of the hotel. The Food and Beverage director really interested me because he showed the hard work and determination that comes with running the food side of a hotel. Dealing with not only the guest but also the outside traffic. He makes sure every mouth in that hotel is fed, happy and smiling. I was prepared to see everything except the penthouse. By far my favorite part of the experience it showed me what a technologically advanced bathroom looks like and how it’s a convenience to the guest when staying in the room. Networking with not only this hotel but other hotels is how I will try to branch out in the industry maybe one day pursuing a career in lodging or take my originally route to work in food I will get my foot through the door and put myself out there. All and all I loved the experience. Very beautiful hotel, definitely want to look into staying there. The staff is friendly inviting and informative and they really make you feel like your home away from home.

Jonathan Diaz

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My road to hospitality began in late 2012 with life changing news to go along with it. My love for food and cooking was inspired by the limitations that were put against me. In 2012 I was diagnosed with Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS). A life threatening disease that affects my kidneys filtering system and juristically raises my blood pressure. In hearing this news I was given new rules to live by. One of which was to eat better. So no more fast food everyday I need to eat more home cooked meals that didn’t have a lot of salt. Unable to find sandwiches to be an easy alternative I had to learn to make other foods if I had any shot of making this easier. Several months later I fell in love with the kitchen! The respect for the art, and the science behind every recipe. Immediately knowing that I had a passion and wanted to make this a career. I made a lot of career choices growing up. None of which made me feel like this industry does. Branching out and getting a job field I now have a love for serving. In hopes to one day open my own restaurant; making people light up with the service you provide makes everything worth it. Living proof that a blessing can come from a curse.