Tenzing Lhamo

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As my years in high school was coming to an end, I had to come up with a decision on what career path I wanted to follow. I blindly followed the crowd and decided that I should pursue a career under medical degree. It took me four semesters to finally realize that I had chosen the wrong career. I initially transferred to City Tech to major in Dental Hygiene, spent a semester and then changed my major into Hospitality Management, this is my semester as a student in this major. I had previously worked in a couple of restaurants and realized that I liked customer servicing. I chose this major as it gives me the opportunity to explore the different paths of hospitality and decide on what really interests me. Some of personal strengths are: hardworking, dedicated and determination to improve my skills.

4 thoughts on “Tenzing Lhamo

  1. Allie McCaig

    Nice to meet you!! Like myself, I switched from colleges and from another major. This is also my first semester in City Tech, we do have a lot of things in common, experience in hospitality industry, some strengths & interests to explore different paths. Looking forward to hearing more about you, and taking this journey along with you & others in the class!

  2. Deborah Olumide

    I understand where you’re coming from, it took me a while to be able to figure out if I really wanted to study hospitality but after working for the first time in restaurant and migrating from another continent I decided. I know I made the right decision

  3. Wilmer U. Chavez

    Hello!!! Tenzing is very insteresting what you wrote. I was confused too when started the college and started in the medical field but I also strongly believe that never is late to do what you really like and leave what you feel that is not making you happy anymore. I wish you the best now that you are doing what you really like.


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