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36 hours in…Slovenia

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Ljubljana, Slovenia is definitely a city I would want to visit. Plenty of green space, which means lots of fresh air and no city traffic because cars are expelled from the historic city. The city is bike friendly, which is how most get around. Or just old fashion walking. Taking long strolls and enjoying the scenery always sounds refreshing. On foot you can visit the many different specialty cafes and pubs. The cost of visiting doesn’t seem like it will cost you much either. The many restaurants and cafes that can be visited during your stroll is very cost efficient. Museums also are very inexpensive. Last but not least, another great activity I would love to participate in is the blind wine tasting pop quiz. You can get an education on wine in several different brands.

36 Hours in…Madrid

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With prices being relatively low and affordable, Madrid would definitely be a tourist friendly playground.  The younger artistic generation seems to greatly appreciate the night life and energy of the city. Madrid would for sure, be a on my many list of places to visit. They are big on wine, beer and a chilled glass of champagne after a delightful meal. Which I to would appreciate. The food in Madrid also seems colorful, vibrant, light and fresh. Anyone can appreciate that.

36 Hours in…Perugia, Italy

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Perugia, Italy as in interesting read. From the reading in “36 Hours in…”, Perugia comes off as a very old city with lots of history. The city is visually spectacular and breathtaking, it is not a place I would want to visit right now. Perugia seems like a perfect tourist location for historians and photographers. The city has many museums worth visiting. There is also a great amount designs and architecture that dat as far back as the 13th century. Perugia is definitely a place to visit if you’re not into the night life and just looking for history.

Jubedel Andon 36 hours on the Brooklyn water front

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36 Hours on the Brooklyn        Water Front


The Perfect American Summer Day awaits

This all-in-one is the ideal place to head to

Get the true meaning of a summer vacation















Image via: Google Images

The Brooklyn Water Front is an ever-growing

Cultural hotspot that is attracting people from all

Over the globe. Before an old, gray, broken docks are now vivid,

Stunning, ports. The Brooklyn water front caters to all and welcomes

Families with open arms.

Please follow link above to follow our 36 hour tour.

Figure 1Picture provided by:google (NYC Citi-Bike)


5 p.m. – Grab a bike and Go!

You’ve traveled from a far, now let’s stretch those legs.

Our first stop is our bike route. Leisurely ride, care-free and

Take in the beauty as the sun sets over the buildings.

Don’t be fooled by this, New York is just waking up!

Our NYC Citi-bike rentals

Make it easy and fun for the whole family to just grab a bike and go

Bike on over to our next location, The Wheelhouse bar

8 p.m. – The Wheelhouse

Figure 2picture provided (wheelhouse sign)

Boy you must be parched from all that biking.

No Fear the Wheelhouse is here

The Wheelhouse offers an amazing variety

Of lobster and tuna rolls, their drinks are made fresh and

They taste amazing. Once you’ve finished your Thai lobster roll

Rent a golf club at the bar and play some putt-putt.

Let’s head over to the harbor you’re not going to want to miss this.

10 p.m. – The Harbor

Figure 3 picture provided by:

Oh hey! You made it, great, let’s get started.

As you can see the Brooklyn Harbor is a scenery that can’t be beat.

It is lit up with lights that bring a sense of warmth and relaxation.

Don’t be to shocked to see so many women dressed in gowns

A lot of couples get married

And girls who are doing what is known as a Quinceanera

Come to immortalize their new chapter of life here.

Make new memories here, you’ll never forget them


10 a.m. – Whole foods

Figure 4provided by: google images

Truly the Rolls Royce of supermarkets. This is where

You can get it all, a wide variety of cheese,

Meats and the freshest produce. Their customer service

Is out of this world and with their recent

Price reduction it would be silly to not get your groceries from here.

Noon – Red Hook Community center

Figure 5Provided by: Google images

Bring the kids down and have a great time at our free pools,

We have trained lifeguards

On constant watch. We offer free

Classes where we can teach your young ones to swim in no time

Also, ALL NYC public schools hand out free lunch

To any child that through our doors

So, come on in the waters fine!

2 p.m.- Brick Oven Pizza

Figure 6provided by:

After a nice swim come on over and get one of the most

Famous pizza you will ever eat.

If you’ve heard anything about NYC it’s probably about this pizza

Their ancient brick oven technique

Has been perfected to make this the most amazing

Slice of cheese pizza. But come quick the line can have you hearing echoes.

4 p.m.- New York City Train Museum

Figure 7image taken from:

If you’re still able to walk after eating all that pizza

Come on down to the NYC train museum.

The only time you’ll be happy

Going into a NYC train.

We learn about the past and how we have

Progressed with our means of transportation.

6 p.m.- Jane’s Carrousel

Figure 8provided by:

Let’s take a seat.

Mount your noble stead and take off

In Jane’s famous carrousel. The ticket cards are souvenirs

To show to your grandchildren! Being on the edge of the water you

Get a panoramic view of the water front.

It’s a sight you can’t put into words. Ok now Hold on! (trumpet sounds)

8 p.m.-Roller Rink

Figure 9picture from:

Wow ok all this spinning and moving, lets slow things down

For a minute. Put on you skates and

Get boogie with it!! Let loose

And show off your best moves, best moves get a high five!

So, what are you waiting for? Get in here!

10 p.m. – The Piers

Figure 10provided by:

OK you can put the barf bag down now,

I’m not going to send you spinning off again. Let’s just walk

Our newly done space shows off the beauty in nature. Want to kick the ball?

We have more than enough space in our soccer fields to go around.

We also have volleyball and basketball, even a mini playground.

So, go have fun were sadly coming to an end


10 a.m. – Red Hood Park

Figure 11image from:

We wouldn’t send you off without send you to Red Hook Park.

This is just a small sample of what NYC has to

Offer in our diversity. On Sunday

Come over and watch members of our community and other communities

Join together to play a friendly game of soccer.

There’s delicious Spanish food trucks all around

Ranging in countries. Have the perfect last meal to end the trip.

If you ever decide to visit, we’ll be waiting with open arms

36 Hours in…Vancouver

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From the article I’ve read, Vancouver is a city definitely worth visiting and exploring. It is always evolving and has become a huge playground for artistic creativity. Whether it’s referring to food and fine dining, museums, its beautiful skyline over the coastline or the plethora of food markets. It seems to me like a breathtaking city and leaves a lot to the imagination. Like New York, Vancouver is a melting pot of different people, cultures and ethnicities and the the city caters to everyone. Being a food lover, there seems to be many different fusions and restaurants I would visit. And from what the article stated, it seems like a days out on the town won’t cost you a lot. It’s a great tourist spot if you are into learning and experiencing new things. I like the idea of just renting a bike to touch on different parts of the city to simply explore and be absolutely fulfilled.