2 thoughts on “Daniel Boulud, Keeping Us Current

  1. Jessica

    I think it’s amazing that Daniel Bouloud has almost 19 restaurants world wide and says that him and the corporate chefs work closely together and even have weekly meetings. He says he wants his restaurants to be chef driven. I take that as each chef puts love and care into each dish that is made. He doesn’t want them to be generic but at the same time the have a standard that they must follow. Also that he uses silent shoppers to ensure that they never fall short of what is expected.

  2. Beata Zych

    In my opinion the fact that Daniel Boulud has so many restaurants in so many cities around the world and they all follow his standards it’s amazing. When you visit each restaurant you feel like he is in the kitchen, but you will be surprised to know he doesn’t visit those restaurants regularly. He has meeting with his chefs and managers once a weeks. He also has silent shoppers, who come regularly to his restaurants and give him reports on food and service. Boulud works with his chefs really close but he wants those restaurants to be chef- driven restaurants. Every restaurant has their own unique dish, because every restaurant has different chef but they still have the same standards. He likes to work with young chefs because they have different type of training, knowledge and experience. The other amazing thing that I learned from the article is that chef Boulud is doing City meals on Wheels and once a year they are cooking for people who can’t afford to buy a meal. That’s really amazing!


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