Reflection on the Park Lane, Site Visit

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What did you like/dislike about our site visit to The Park Lane?

I really liked the tour at the Park Lane hotel. My classmates and I had the opportunity to see how the different departments in the hotel operate in real life. For example a doorman who opened the door for guests and greeted them very kindly, the smile and greeting from front office agents, and all the employees who very humble to everyone. The hospitality industry is about treating others with kind and respect and I was able to experience that first hand through this site visit. I also liked that the class was able to meet managers and learn what they do. They explained thoroughly what their jobs are and I believe that was helpful.


What did you learn?

I learned the different jobs available in hotels and truly how hotels are run. It was very interesting to see what goes on behind everything that is presented to guests. Those behind everything really work hard to provide the best service possible to everyone around. Even the small touches are actually really important and make a hotel greater. I learned of what a housekeeping director, front desk director, engineering director, and managers do and how they collaboratively work together.

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