Jennifer Lara E-Profile (edited)

Currently a freshman at City Tech. My academic goals is to learn more about hospitality and going into depth information about culinary courses, in other words taking it a bigger step. Participated in the C-CAP program, where they offer high school students the opportunity to do hands-on work, such as job training, job shadows, spring/summer internships, including the opportunity to get a scholarship. Throughout C-CAP, I earned the opportunity to participate in two internships, one savory, one pastry, and achieve a scholarship. As of career goals, I hope to one day open a small bakery, and with time, build up my restaurant. With my previous jobs, I have gained personal strengths such as, knowing how to exceed a challenge, as well as time management. A personal interest of mine is being a soccer team member, being in a sport can relate to my professional attributes by collaborating with others within the team. When you are working with a large group, you must collaborate with others to become a better, bigger and stronger team.

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