Revised Open Lab – Rappers = Poets?

Before I ever thought I wanted to register for the class, I did not think anything that to do with poetry would catch my attention. Music motivated me to analyze poetry more profoundly. I was caught by people arguing whether or not the lyrics in the music genre of Hip Hop deserved to be called poetic, and whether if Rap’s legendary icon Tupac Amaru Shakur deserved to be called poet. My personal response is that some rappers do actually  fall into the category, and deserve to be called poets. In the book of Western Wind, poets such as Robert Frost mention simple moments, or ordinary events in their work. The poem Dust or Snow (pg. 121) depicts such moments.

The way a crow

shook down on me

The dust of snow

From a hemlock tree

Has given my heart

a change of mood

And saved some part

Of a day I had rued.

This is a moment, that a poet might take into consideration. The poem shows how a little incident that was expirienced between him and the “crow”, gave some life to a lifeless day. Just like Frost wrote, rappers do the same. They mention things that go on around them and within them. Although some of the modern day “rap stars” don’t have the same quality or talent to be considered, Tupac Shakur deserves to be recognized with having poetic skills. I clearly distinguish some of his lyrics to be poetic and to sustain quality that elevates him to another level.  To name a few songs “Keep Your Head Up“, “Only fear of Death“, “Smile” all sustain different themes on what the song is intended for. “Smile” is telling to smile and keep going no matter what happens, “Only Fear of Death” goes into his state of mind, giving his reason to fear dying and being reincarnated (paradox), “Keep Your Head Up” giving reason to cheer up and encourage women. The song “Brendas got a Baby” shows a real life unfortunate event, that very few now care to mention.

It is true that hip hop may have content not suitable for all, yet anything ranging from movies, televised shows or programs, books and so on; contain material that maybe offensive to others. I guess it depends what is the main interest of a person to decide. My opinion if the person has a great quality or set an emotion with their song, with the right expressions can be seen as a poet. Does anybody think rappers should be considered poets?Why? or if Tupac is a poet to be recognized. Can anybody identify poetic terms on the videos posted?

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Revision of an old post

Double Vision: Anti-Poetry

Anti-poetry is an art movement that attempts to break away from the normal conventions of poetry. When talking about poetry one usually thinks of a work of writing that’s short, sweet, romantic, etc. Anti-poetry’s are far from that. Anti-Poetry is a way poet’s attempt to differentiate what is to be known as “normal” poetry. Some anti-poetry poems state the reality that surrounds us every day.

Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130 is a perfect example of anti-poetry. The first quatrain states,

“My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun; Coral is far more red than her lips’ red; If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun; If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head.”

The poet does think his mistress has bright eyes, her lips are not like coral, and her hair is as ugly as wires. Sonnet 130 is your typical anti-poem. Instead of complementing his mistress like any other man would compliment a girl he loves, Shakespeare uses the ”unattractive” features of his mistress. Letting her flaws be known in this sonnet but stating the love he has her. Poetry is usually used to lure in someone into liking you not the opposite.


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All Around Us (March 18, 2012) Revised

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Wikipedia Assignment

I chose to do my assignment on the poet Cesar “Atahualpa” Rodriguez. I chose this poet mainly because  saw researching him as a challenge- mainly the fact that every source I found was written in Spanish.

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Revision or Addition to Post on February 16th on Symbolism

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Silken Tent

In “The Silken Tent” by Robert Frost the word that has the most meaning is bondage. When we think of bondage we think of being restrained against our will. In this poem I don’t think bondage is a negative thing. The main character of the poem “She” is displayed as a loving mother who’s love is compared to bondage. The central cedar pole is basically “she” being the focal point of stability in the family

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The Silken Tent

During our class discussion about the significant words in the poem The Silken Tent I chose the word bondage. The main reason why I chose this word because its literal meaning is force and strength.  At first the poem was bit confusing, I wasn’t sure what the author was talking about and who it was directed to. Fortunately, the class discussion cleared up any confusion I had with the poem. Although I’m still trying to fully figure out the poem, I believe its about a woman who is in a relationship with a man but is haunted by past loves and experiences.

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My experience with open lab

When I began using open lab it was very confusing for me. It took  me a while before I actually figured out how to use it. Once I did figure it out it I realized that its actually some what helpful although I perfer using blackboard because I think its much simpler. Open Lab has more to it. I didn’t know so many courses were avaliable on open lab since this is my first class ever on it. I find it interesting how one is able to browse through other courses. I vistied a Art History open lab but didn’t get much feed back. Overall open lab is very useful once one gets the hang of it. Its very stressful if one doesn’t.

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what is poetry

When speaking about poetry one can be talking about many things. Given that poetry can range from music to poems to movies. Poetry is a way to express art. “Writing that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience in language choosen and arranged to create a specific emotional response through meaning, sound, and rythm.” This defines poetry exactly how it should be defined. I agree with Windy J’s definition as well. Poetry is seen as a way to express emotons not only written work but pieces of art that impact many.

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anti poetry

In the poem Winter by William Shakespeare, one is able to identify  anti-poetry. Anti-poetry is an attempt to move past from the “ordinary” styles of poetry. This includes moving away from the expected “happy or beautiful” poems that readers tend to expect from poets. In the poem “Winter”, Shakespeare presented winter in a realistic point of view. Although some of the lines did in fact possess some sort of beauty, the majority of the poem portrayed winter in a manner that many are familiar with. For example, the poem began with the phrase “When icicles hang by the wall.” When someone is asked to describe winter, especially in a poetic sense, he/she might mention icicles, snowmen, sheets of snow that cover the city, and the beauty of snow falling from the sky. I believe anti-poetry is a should be used more often. It gives the reader a sense of reality, without having to sugar coat things. When a reader reads a poem with anti-poetry they are caught by surprise because the poet portrays aspects of life the way it is wether ugly pr pretty. In the book Western Wind, the authors stated, “The poet who sees only those details that flatter our fondest hopes has one eye closed to reality.”

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