anti poetry

In the poem Winter by William Shakespeare, one is able to identify  anti-poetry. Anti-poetry is an attempt to move past from the “ordinary” styles of poetry. This includes moving away from the expected “happy or beautiful” poems that readers tend to expect from poets. In the poem “Winter”, Shakespeare presented winter in a realistic point of view. Although some of the lines did in fact possess some sort of beauty, the majority of the poem portrayed winter in a manner that many are familiar with. For example, the poem began with the phrase “When icicles hang by the wall.” When someone is asked to describe winter, especially in a poetic sense, he/she might mention icicles, snowmen, sheets of snow that cover the city, and the beauty of snow falling from the sky. I believe anti-poetry is a should be used more often. It gives the reader a sense of reality, without having to sugar coat things. When a reader reads a poem with anti-poetry they are caught by surprise because the poet portrays aspects of life the way it is wether ugly pr pretty. In the book Western Wind, the authors stated, “The poet who sees only those details that flatter our fondest hopes has one eye closed to reality.”

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