Questioning the concept of poetry (Revision)

The concept of Poetry has always been seen as a form of expression. It allows an individual to release their thoughts, feelings, and ideas in any form they please. By “form” I mean¬†any type¬†of thing the person “believes” is poetry.¬†There are people who seek the opinion of others regarding their expression. This fact startles me. Why is the value of that person‚Äôs poetry only seen in someone else‚Äôs opinion? Are they bored or are they just interested in the thoughts of others? What difference does it make? Those questions can be said about pretty much everything that can be thought of so why question them? I asked myself while in your class, what is the purpose and reason for poetry? Some poets are honored and criticized for giving their own perception of things. How exactly can an expression of oneself be criticized if there is no flaw in imaginary thought?

There are those who question everything. They ask themselves, What is the point for water? For air? For existence? It’s hard to just assume my questions are as important as poetry. I see the value of poetry only in yourself. The only person that can understand them. Why must a person who expresses their poetry in writing become a professional or famous? Is there something other then fame and fortune that makes poetry relevant?

I’ve come to an unsteady conclusion and realized that expression is as¬†meaningful¬†as the importance you give it. There may be no logic in what humans do, but that is the flaw that comes with living. Sometimes things don’t have to be understood to be. (Older post)

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