My views of poetry

At first, I believe that this class heightened my fascination with poetry and the use of words. I enjoyed hearing about how poems are translated to us in a wide variety of ways. My classmates’ interpretations of poems proved to me the true power of poetry. No matter what tools were utilized in the poem or the author’s intentions of specific words used, there are indefinite possibilities of what the poem means to others. So far, my favorite poem is “The Sick Rose”. With such few lines, the poem has a strong message that can be viewed in so many different ways (as proven by our class discussion).

My views of poetry remained unchanged after the completion of this class. I did enjoy hearing everyon’s different perspectives and opinions of poems. I still view poetry as a medium of expression. Whether two lines in length or over a page long, a poem can display endless variations of perceived messages and meaning. In my perspective, poetry is utilized everywhere from song lyrics to public advertisement. I enjoy when poetry is combined with music and other artistic mediums. One final thing that I will like to leave with my fellow classmates is an example of how poetry can be beautifully combined with music. This is seen in the poem “Mystery of Iniquity” by Lauryn Hill.



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