My Wikipedea Experience

I would first like to say I think the assignments overall aim was a good idea. I’ve never been assigned or actually encouraged to use Wikipedia for a class assignment which explains my unfamiliarity with adding and making edits. The task itself to me seemed simple Enough, simply pick a stub from the list and research for more info. unfortunately the Library’s Database was of little to no help, I couldn’t find anything on my topic                “Enclosed Rhyme.”  I was nervous about actually making changes to Wikipedia because Although I’ve used the site before I was the one requesting information not providing it. I was worried that my work would be removed and  ridiculed by professional “wikipedians” due to my lack of sources. I didn’t make an account on the site instead I simply posted my work on the site. After a few minutes I return to the page just to find my work removed by a “bot”. As instructed to do by the professor I re-posted my work back on the page and It stayed. My experience wasn’t terrible but as for as Enjoying or Disliking the assignment I would say i’m 50/50 because I felt like a blind person leading the blind but I did learn more about Wikipedia.


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