Class Notes

Final assignment

–Introduce what the paper is about
— provide important details about texts in question (author, titles, dates)
— give the reader a sense of your specific argument through a thesis statement
—- “While Kinnell’s “The Bear” does XYZ through a use of ABC, Gilbert’s “Forgotten Dialect of the Heart” does DEF and suggests JIK”

Quoting poetry:
Block quotation
I take a wolf’s rib and whittle
it sharp at both ends
and coil it up
and freeze it in blubber and place it out
on the fairway of the bears.

–> use sparingly
–> quote sandwich

restatement/analysis/explication — what does that quotation we just read mean?

Inline quotation
The hunter “take[s] a wolf’s rib and whittle[s] / it sharp at both ends.”

What is the relationship of the last lines to the rest of poem:
the rest of my days I spend
wandering: wondering
what, anyway,
was that sticky infusion, that rank flavor of blood, that
poetry, by which I lived?

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