Reflection on Wikipedia Assignment

I expanded the Wikipedia Monorhyme stub. The process I went through to add material to the Wikipedia page consisted of researching for a detailed definition of the poetic term. In addition, I also had to learn how to properly expand a Wikipedia page. The content added to my page remained untouched.

What I found difficult about this assignment was trying to find the material on the poetic term. There wasn’t much information available other than the definition and where the poetic tool was utilized. Also, it was difficult to understand how this assignment is relevant to the Introduction to Poetry course. Yes, each individual student was introduced to a poetic term or author, however, it was not discussed in class. I believe that this assignment may have been more interesting if we actually explored some of the topics in class rather than discussing how to complete the assignment for several weeks. I also think that the class may have been more receptive to this assignment if it were linked to the relevance of poetry (i.e. discuss the topics researched and refer it to some of the poems/material discussed in class).

This assignment is not very different from my other projects due to the fact that I had to research a topic and write a detailed, factual report. However, in other courses, students were given the opportunity to see what their fellow classmates researched by giving a brief summary (3-5min) in class.

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