DLee Wikipedia Experience


I am relatively neutral about the experience I had with this Wikipedia Experiment.  Like all new forms of teaching, I was rather interested in the concept of editing a Wikipedia page as an assignment for class; however, the result was less than desired.  As discussed in class, the main problem I had found with this assignment was the individuality of each persons assignment; there was no real interaction between classmates even though the class was based on a interactive, student-student, and group discussion style layout.

I personally enjoyed the experience of gathering information, organizing, and editing a Wikipedia page with the information that I had pieced together.  It is a step forward in creativity from the conventional cut and dry term paper and I believe that with the right adjustments, it could become a very effective teaching tool.  I would just like to suggest that for future Wikipedia Assignments, it is probably best to separate the class into groups that discuss their own certain topics, or have the entire class research on one topic, but divide into different groups for different facts (ie: History-of group, examples in media group, summary group, etc).  This would make for a more interactive assignment and may take some of the researching stress off of individuals and help to “perfect” a Wikipedia stub.

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