My Wikipedia Experience

Upon hearing about this project, I was excited and sure I’d do a great job. Well to be honest, I learned a lot through this assignment. I had completely over estimated what it takes to write an article on Wikipedia. I didn’t know take into account the knowledge, the articulation needed and the confidence those who write articles on Wikipedia need to write their articles.

Ultimately, I didn’t like this assignment for this particular English course. This assignment would be perfect for a general English Comp. 2 course where the students would write on a topic of their choice because it really helps a writer be objective and expand on a topic. I loved the idea of students teaching others. It helps students with building confidence in our knowledge. Often times a student will know material but feel unsure but this assignment helps with that aspect.

I was disappointed with how little information I found on my poem. It was frustrating because I wanted to given an adequate amount of information and I feel I didn’t that though I did add to the stub. I expanded on the poem Insensiblity by Wilfred Owens.


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