Wikipedia Assignment: Draft 1

The name Bruce Lee instantly brings the image of the great warrior. Many may just think of Bruce as an actor/ martial artist, because of his iconic films seen around the world and the Although these are the best known qualities of him, he possessed a variety of great skills and knowledge in, philosophy, film producing, directing, and literature. As Bruce made his process of experiencing his life, he also wrote poetry that reflect what he was feeling and a time in his life. He is not recognized among the great poets, but his work speaks for itself. His principal of self-expression is applied to his poetry, and everything he focused on.

His poetic works originally hand written on paper, later on edited and published. John Little being the major author (editor), for Bruce Lee’s works. Linda Lee Cadwell (Bruce Lee’s wife) shared her husbands notes, poems and experience with her husband.

Bruce Lee’s poems:

  • Rain, Black Clouds
  • The Dying Sun
  • Love Is a Friendship Caught on Fire
  • Once More I Hold You in My Arms
  • All Streams Flowing East or West
  • Boating on Lake Washington
  • For a Moment
  • Walking Along the Bank of Lake Washington
  • Night Rain
  • Our Togetherness Is Like a Sweet Dream
  • The Surroundings Utter No Sound
  • It Is Spring
  • Things I See
  • The Humming Bird
  • The Frost
  • The Falling Leaf
  • Though the Night Was Made for Loving
  • The Silent Flute
  • Since You Left
  • Parting

“Lee’s poems are, by American standards, rather dark-reflecting the deeper, less exposed recesses of the human psyche”- Linda Lee Cadwell. Most of Bruce Lee’s poems are either anti-poetic or fall into a paradox. The mood in his poems show the side of the man that can be compared with other poets such as Robert Frost, one of many well known poets expressing himself with anti-poetic works. The paradox taken from the Yin and Yang symbol in martial arts, is also shown in his poetry.

Note: Does anybody have any suggestions, what else do you want to know to further write about Bruce Lee as a poet?

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