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My first draft: Waltner, (2006) wrote “Psalm 100 is a simple and beautiful hymn inviting God’s people everywhere to enter into worship with thanksgiving and praise.” Waltner also found that “the whole psalm speaks od joyful response to life, seeking to praise God for all God has done and is.” He describes the Psalm 100 as a doxology or an expression of praise which concludes the psalm 93, 95-99 which he describes as psalms of enthronement or kingship, a sort of inauguration. Holman Bible Dictionary, (1991) writes,”Hymns lift the congregation’s praise to God, describing God’s greatness and majesty. In the hymn, worshipers invite one another to praise God and to provide   reasons for such”. Holman Bible Dictionary, (1991) writes, that psalm 100 is one of these hymns.

Reference: My references will be listed here


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    Like your assignments. Just browsing.


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    Thanks so much, Lubie! Browse away — and comment/discuss/link/whatever!!

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