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Fingerplay is a term used to describe hand action or movement combined with singing or spoken-words to engage the child’s interest. Some chants or common rhymes that incorporate fingerplay include Itsy Bitsy Spider and Peek-a-boo I See You. The article entitled, “Fingerplay Fun” explains fingerplay as a form of chants or songs to gather the child’s attention (Church, 2001).

An example of fingerplay:

Five Little Monkeys

Five little monkeys (five fingers)

Jumping on the bed – (rest elbow on other hand, jump arm up and down)

One fell off, (hold up one finger, bring down as if falling)

And bumped his head! (hand to head)

Mama called the doctor (hold phone to ear)

And the doctor said –

“No more monkeys (shake finger in scolding motion)

jumping on the bed!”

(Repeat: Four little monkeys…)

Mama called the doctor (hold phone to ear)

And the doctor said –

“No more monkeys

jumping on the bed!” (shrug)





Church, E. (2001). Fingerplay Fun!. Early Childhood Today, 16(1), 60-61

(2011) Retrieved: http://www.piercecountylibrary.org/files/library/wigglesfingerplays.pdf

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  1. Prof. Gold says:

    Good start, but I think this looks a little thin and needs to be developed in more detail. Also, be careful of copyright issues in relation to the textual material you’ve posted here.

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