Wikipedia- 1st Draft

The page on wikipedia that I chose to update is on the book A Monster at Christmas. This specific title caught my eye because for some odd reason it reminded me of one of my favorite movies, The Nightmare Befor Christmas. I went to the wikipedia page and seen that is has very little details so, I would like to update it more.

This gruesome horror-fantasy poem potrays a unamed young boy being terrorized by monsters. Its a extended poem with 48 pages of anti-poerty and scary graphics. It is the very opposite of “Twas the night before christmas”. This book is not your typical christmas bedtime stroy at all. Thomas Canty’s writting goes hand in hand with Phil Hale’s dense illustration. The ending leaves you with a darkly comedic twist.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find many resources on this book but i will look further.

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