Class Notes – 4/25/12

– Describe the wikipedia stub you’ve chosen to expand. What is it and what type of page is it (ie., poet, aspect of poetry, genre, etc.)

– Describe what’s currently on the page now

– Describe the general direction of your proposed changes

– Describe your research methodologies – how have you done research related to this topic?

– What kinds of sources did you find?

– What questions do you still have about:
a) contributing to wikipedia
b) your topic

Search methodology:
1. Difficult topic — “chain rhyme”
— Try other potential data source
— if you find one piece of information, follow its lead ex. “Frost and rhyme” –> o results –> “Robert Frost” –> 44 books at City Tech –> find some and check the INDEX
— search “poetic terms”

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