Anti-poetry stub

I will doing my Wikipedia assignment on anti-poetry. After discussing the subject in class and reading about it. I am really interested in researching about the subject and I will be looking forward to it.

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5 Responses to Anti-poetry stub

  1. Prof. Gold says:

    Great. Please remember that you’ll have to do some research using City Tech’s library and that we’ll go through a few drafts in class before posting to Wikipedia.

  2. windyj says:

    ok great!! I guess this mean i need a Citytech ID which I lost one year ago.

  3. islam says:

    how do you even enter the building without I.D. ? and you can easily make a new i.d card i think it would be 2 to 5 dollars..

  4. windyj says:

    i use my state id i barely have time when i am in school i either come from work or internship i am running.

  5. islam says:

    wow, ok. try to get one because it would be better for you, if you need ill give u my bar code to log in

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