My experience!

I was very nervous having to write a post on another class’s site. It was like going into uncharted territory. After i got over the shock of it i felt as if i was snooping around on other people’s discussion which i don’t mind. I chose another introduction to poetry class class because i felt i was better able to relate. I realize their board isn’t really as active as our and they only post on there for major class assignments. I did find a post and a poem which i found very interesting. I also realized they did have the same book as us. After choosing my the blog post i wanted to participate in i had to introduce myself to them and let them know where i was coming from. I did just that and got right into posting as if it were me posting on my own class board. i became less nervous and i broke down my own definition of their poem. Its been two days and i am sad to report i haven’t had a response. But i am here to say this experience was very interesting. I am very shy even behind a computer but it was good to step out of the comfort zone of the class blog post and into the world of open lab blog post.

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  1. Prof. Gold says:

    Thank you! Can you include a link to the site on which you posted?

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