My experience : Photography, Tumblr, and Copyright

This week’s assignment was to visit another class’s blog post. The class that I commented on is Tu/Th HIsotry of Photography. The blog post is about Photography, Tumblr, and Copyright. There was an article that you have to read related to what photographers like to use Tumblr as a way to show people their art work.

I choose this post because I also like to look at the images on Tumblr even though I don’t have an account. Through Tumblr, you can blog and re blog someone else picture or image. In the article, this is good and bad. It is good because different people get to see your artwork but others thinks that copyright should be used. JUCO, the photography team of Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud said that using Tumblr is a great way to network, market themselves and let people know who they are.

The article is here

The student’s post is here

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