The Silken Tent

Robert Frost’s piece, “The Silken Tent,” is one that speaks to me very well. From my perspective of it, I can agree with many of my peers’ opinions of how this looks like a topic of love and care in a relationship. It’s in this imagery that we see a well-rigged tent that can represent the consistencies of a strong relationship; one that has its balance of rested & tensioned contraints.

The tent could represent shelter, comfort, or a structured system. With proper-measured care, the tent will be harnessed to the ground with rope and supported in its center by a mast. However, some freedom advocates better adjustments to weather patterns and other natural occurrences. Therefore, the ropes are mentioned to be rather loose. My favorite line that represents this concept: “And only by one’s going slightly taut In the capriciousness of summer air”


Capriciousness, of coarse, meaning unaccountable or random changes, is referring to the reality of the fact that anything can happen around this tent. With only one cord of rope going taut, out of the several, the structure of the tent is able to be guided into its proper place; as opposed to all cords of rope clutching at the tent to stay in one rigged position. Too much force in one value could cause tension, tear, & collapse. But with gentle pushes & pulls, in and around a certain area can make all the better difference.

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