Assignment 3/8

In this class has change how a┬ápoem┬ácan be direct or have┬ámultiple ideas. One may interpret the poem one way as another person interpret differently. It interesting as I only known that poems were made up of rhyme and symbolism but there more then that. The words that poet use can be different ┬ámeaning in their era than what were define in our era. Also it give some background of what is the world back then. Like William Shakespeare “sonnet 130” there was multiples way to read it. Shakespeare try to play imagery to allow how the mistress look and act.

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3 Responses to Assignment 3/8

  1. Amanda says:

    I agree with you. This class really opens your mind to think about poetry on a whole with all the literary devices that come along with it.

  2. LG29 says:

    I agree with a poem having multiple ideas and can be interpreted differently by each person. In this class the more we get different opinions about a poem the more we understand the the overall meaning of the poem.

  3. I think it’s like we did in class last week with the exercise of asking everyone which word stood out to them. I feel like personal experiences infuence how we interpret poetry.

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