Spoils by Robert Grave and Beauty by Walt Whitman

I quite enjoyed this back and forth, sort of controversy that transpired. The author uses hyperbole in that his overstatements about love and war become sort of condescending. He spoke in the first paragraph about how he hated war and how the things that are futile are kept after war. He said that the spoils of love are presented in a different case. Instead he claims that you cannot sell the spoils of love, that it “may not be publicly displayed; nor sold”. He is saying that love letters have such an impact on you that it does not matter where we keep them they still leave a mark onus and on our emotions.

In Beauty I like this poen a lot because as the author described the writer did not “swing to the easy extreme of the repulsive”. It was real. I could still see the beauty in the bronzed old farmer & father and the old rag just adhering to the staff, in tatters- the remnant of many battle fields. I can imagine these scenes and see them as not being so far from the beauty that they are compared to like the youth with features of bloom and brightness. Overall a great chapter.

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