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This post is a seeker’s post by jsylvesterd. The link provided by this seeker gives you a more detailed definition of metonymy and synecdoche. The link also give you examples such as politicians creates metonymic images such as flags and diverse crowds The seeker also talks about the makers of Axe and their commercials and how the company uses sex and beautiful people to sell their products.

This post is a first responder’s post by Emily. It defines what symbolism, and synecdoche, metonymy is. It also provide example of what metonymy is and how we use it in real life. Chung also provided more detailed definitions of all the above terms including allegory and gave examples for each.

This is provided by a first responder-zapt. It include a explanation of what is Synecdoche and symbolism and there meaning.The user zapt included some example for both Synecdoche and symbolism. It has a  poem that show symbolism at work and the poem was written by Thomas Centolella.

This is a Seeker post by Joju Qu showing the definitions of synecdoches and metonymies, the comparison between them and examples of them used in songs, movies and Shakespeare .


This is a first responder post by dlee that talks about the poem A Fence. I like how dlee made their own interpretation of poem saying that the fence is not physical it is a mental fence that the person put up to keep others out their life.


This is a seeker post by ashleygp that talks about symbolism. Symbolism was found in a song that ashleygp liked. All to show that even though u think the song means one thing, there is a totally different meaning about it.

This post is a first responder’s post by nerek.  It defines what synecdoche and metonymy is and gives example of each such as in the text the author talks about “our daily bread” and for metonymy, it talks about Shakespeare and Mary Jo Salter.

This is a first responder’s post by erikasan1. It gives the definition of synecdoche as a figure of speech in which a part is substituted for a whole. An example given is “The world treated him badly”. Metonymy is a figure of speech that consists of the use of the name of one object or concept for another to which it is related. It relates to page 47 on Shakespeare. It also defines what symbol is and gives examples such as “The Sick Rose” by William Blake, which the Rose was the symbol.

This is a seeker’s post by windyj. It talks about how the author say that symbol can be use to better help understand while also evoking more of a reaction. Poems that were mention in this blog that uses symbols are “A Sick Rose” by William Blake, “A Red, Red Rose” by Robert Burns, and “One Perfect Rose” by Dorothy Parker. It also provides a more detailed link to what a symbol is.

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