Symbolism: Synecdoches & Metonymies Comparison

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This link to an English project by a student, Brandon Toa, is a collection of Synecdoches & Metonymies. When talking about Synecdoches, his video clips will present something mentioned that is a physical part of someone or thing. As he discusses Metonymies, his clips will mention an action or thing that is associated with, but still separate from, the person or thing possessing sed action or thing.

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  1. jsantos916 says:

    Well I must say this video was very helpful. He didn’t just give one example of each, he gave various ones and their explanations. This has made very clear to me what metonymy and synecdoche is, but it leaves me with the question… Is synecdoche a metonymy?

  2. As I read the chapter and researched more information on the topics I found a basic definition. A synecdoche is a figure of speech in which the one of the following is expressed: a part stands for a whole, an individual stands for a class and a material stands for a thing. I also found that a metonymy is a kind of synecdoche. An example of metonymy is the Lexus rear-ended me. The Lexus didn’t actually hit “me as a person” but it rear ended my car. I understand metonymy, and was a little confused about synecdoche before I seen your video. It explained in depth and gave numerous examples of each. If you have any other examples or videos that can help, please share.

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