First Responder – Symbolism: The Broken Coin

The definition of Synecdoche is a figure of speech in which a part is substituted for a whole or a whole for a part. Now that definition confused me but once i got to reading the chapter i understood it a little better. Heres an example i came up with; “The world treated him badly.” The whole world did not treat him badly only a part did. The whole is used as the part.  I had trouble finding examples of Synecdoche in the poems, What examples of synecdoche were you able to find?

Metonymy is a figure of speech that consists of the use of the name of one object or concept for that of another to which it is related, or of which it is a part of. Like “a bottle” can be used for a “drink.” On page 47 it explains how shakespeare used metonymy to “that kings, scholars, and physicians must die in time” He calls them other names and states “come to dust” as a symbol of their “death”.
What other examples of metonymy were you able to find?

A symbol is “an image that stands for more than it denotes literally.” (page 49) Poets soemtimes use small symbols in their poems to portray a larger picture. On page 54, in the poem “The Sick Rose” by William Blake, where the Rose was the symbol of a love, that was getting “sick” by an invisible worm that was infecting it with darkness. “O Rose, thou art sick! The invisible worm That flies in the night, In the howling storm.”
Do you think symbolism is a great way for poets to discreetly send a message to their readers?

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  1. redd says:

    I was also alittle confused about synecdoche but I think I understand it better after reading more into the chapter. This is one example of a synecdoche that I came up with My entire body hurts but in truth it’s only a specific part of your body that hurts.

    An example of a metonymy is He writes with a fine hand which means he has good hand writing. Would you say a synecdoche and a metonymy is similar?

    Symbolism is a great way for poets to make connections with their words because sometimes when we speak we use symbolism but we do not realize it. Use of symbolism is a creative way of thinking out of the box because everyone can find a different meaning or symbol for what the poet is trying to say. We use symbolism as children growing up eg. our mother symbolize love and affection. Were you able to find other symbols?

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