Haiku Reflection

Jorge Roque-Velasquez

April 8th 2019

Prof. Gold



Question 1: What did you notice about your writing?

Answer: What I noticed about my writing is that it is easier for me to express my thoughts through my writing sometimes because I am able to thoroughly think before I write a thought down and I can make sure that it makes sense before anyone sees it.


Question 2: What was surprising about this?

Answer: What was surprising to me about writing this Haiku is that I was able to focus a lot more when I had a specific topic. I personally feel that if it was free writing I would’ve struggled a lot more.


Question 3: What was the easiest and what was the most challenging part ?

Answer: The easiest part of this Haiku was describing a narcissistic person, because I was so familiar with the traits of people who were narcissistic it made it a whole lot easier to come up with descriptive words. The most challenging part of writing this Haiku was following the pattern of syllables for each line. When I first heard what the format was like I thought that it couldn’t be hard but once i started writing it became difficult because I had so many words, and sentences and some were too long while others fell short.


Question 4:What strategy/approach helped ?

Answer: The strategy that helped me was honestly just taking my time with the haiku and actually thinking about the best words and phrases that would fit

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