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My final project i will be taking a old TV remote program guide and simplifying it for someone who likes technology today to be able to use his smart phone as a remote for the TV. I posted the new instructions using Facebook as this is the fastest way to reach peers.Since most people who use Facebook are most likely on their smart phone or tablet devices. I used the HTC Tv App other apps are available depending on your phone compatibility. I found this way more usefull because i always lost my tv remote but i never lose my phone.


10 Steps to Program Your Remote

1. Turn on television.

2. Locate the switch at the top of your remote that allows you to toggle between receiver, auxilary, and TV modes. Slide switch over to”TV”.

3. Hold down MUTE and SELECT until a small green light at the top of the switch blinks twice.

4. Enter code 9911.

5. Press and release the CHANNEL UP button repeatedly until television turns off.

6. When TV turns off, press SELECT.

7. Next, press the power button. This should turn the TV back on.

8. With television on, press and hold down MUTE and SELECT again until the small light blinks twice (same as in step 3).

9. Entercode 960.

10. Slide switch back over to “DTV”. Your remote is now ready to use!


1. Open the Sense TV App labeled TV, select location and then hit “Next.”

2. Enter the location’s zip code.

3. Select the TV service provider and confirm if the channel 001 is acquired. 

4. Choose any on-demand services currently subscribed to.

5. Tap on the heart icon corresponding to the favorite shows you wish to watch. This will inform the Sense TV about which programs must be displayed when the user loads the App.

6. Select the “Start” button on the Set up HTC Remote page.

7. Enter a desired name for the remote profile.

8. Select the components to be controlled if it is the TV, the cable box or the home theater.

9. Tap on the TV brand for the set to be controlled. Ensure the TV is turned off and then tap “Next.”

10. Tap on the “Turn on TV” button while the HTC One smart phone is pointed at the TV. Select “Yes” if the test was successful.

11. Turn the TV on and then tap “Next” to start the cable box remote setup.

12. Try the Channel+, Menu, Cursor key and OK commands then tap “OK” if all of them works.

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