Final Project/Paper Assignment

Here is your final project and paper assignment for the course, both due Thursday, May 23, 2013

1. Final Project: Re-envisioning A Technical Writing Document

Choose a piece of paper-based technical writing — a set of instructions, a how-to guide, a support document, a document that provides a summary of a larger and more complex technical paper — and create a new version of it that puts it into digital form. Your new document should embody the following principles:

1. Interactivity

2. Usability

3. CRAP design principles

4. Socially connected networks

Your redesigned tech-writing project should be posted on the course blog (or linked to from it) as a post with the tag “finalproject.” You should also include photos or scans of the original so that the view can compare it with your re-invented version (you do not have to own the original — you can find a scanned version on the web).

2. Write a short 2-3 page paper explaining your transformations, justifying them with references to our course texts and to other reputable tech-writing resources that you can find on the web. This paper should be emailed to Prof. Gold at

Please email me with any questions you might have.

And please update your google doc to ensure that ALL of your course assignments are listed there.


Thanks for a great semester!


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