Building a tissue box (as per “Technical Two” instructions)

Hi guys,

First of all, great job on that video – you’ve put togetether a clear and well thought out tutotial so I had no problem following your instructions. If I were to make sutble changes to the video I would:
1. Eliminate the transition at (0:34) when the narrator is describing the type of paper needed. I feel video transitions should emphisize logical transitions (the model you clearly follow in the rest of the video) so the one at 0:34 feels a bit out of place.
2. Revise the narration to match the camera (viewer’s) perspective. “We are going to come up here to our second rectangle” (2:19) – says the narrator, yet his hands are moving down. Again, just a minor detail.
3. Show how to cut out the tissue opening. I feel that cutting this opening out with scissors might be a bit challenging. Since you’ve listed no paper knife among the required items, I would actually show how to do that.
4. Rework the “putting togeteher” part to show the finished box actually holding togeher to assure the viewers that the tutorial does accomplish what it intends to.

Again, great job overall!

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