Reflective Blog (Technical Two)

When the class was first given the task our group took a few minutes to discuss somewhat of a game plan.  There were a lot of questions we had since professor Gold was ambiguous about what he wanted.  We gathered around the tissue box to continue our brainstorming.  It was difficult at times because there was some confusion as to what was necessary when recreating the box. Dimensions? Designs? Plastic?  We created a diagram of what the cardboard cut out of our box should look like.  Because we had such a large group we were able to have some people continue working on design plans while others built prototype boxes.  We had someone taking notes as we came up with step by step instructions and needed material.  Eventually, based off of one of our prototype boxes we knew exactly what we needed and how we would the design of our box.  We exchanged email addresses and agreed to meet up on Monday to create our box while providing step by step instruction through an instructional video.  Pictures seemed like a nice method for communicating but some of the steps were too complex and likely to leave a viewer lost.  A video provides audio and visual help so viewers could follow along with what we did with less confusion.

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