The Tissue Box Assignment

cc-licensed image “My creation_Tissue Box” by flickr user Jushih

Thanks, all, for a great class yesterday — it was fun to see the work done by our two working groups. As a reminder, here are your project assignments for next week:

1. Team manual posted to blog (remember to incorporate your team name; also include a list of project participants/roles. Remember that roles can include everything from designer to writer to project manager to communications lead to documentation to testing).

2. A separate reflective blog post about the team’s process. How did your team approach this problem and conduct its work? Include images, if possible. Tell the story of how your team worked on this assignment. Reflect on what worked well and what didn’t.

3. Individual blog post – reflections on the experience and process. Discuss the role you played on your team.

Each team should be prepared to do a project demo that shows how to put together its tissue box from beginning to end while following the instructions in the team’s manual.

Some additional reading may be announced.


diversity team

Team Diversity

Team Technical Two

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