Midterm Assignment

Business Letter

New York City College of Technology

300 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201



Alan S. Pringle, Sarah S. O’Keefe

Scriptorium Publishing Services, Inc.

PO Box 12761

Research Triangle Park, NC 27709


Dear Mr. Pringle and Ms. O’Keffe,

I am writing this letter to you to inform you that the ways in which you have described in your book are not the only ways in which we can communicate technical writing.

Technical writing should not only consist of mere demands, or instructions on how to proceed on with a task. Rather it should be more intriguing, and artistic to draw audiences from all types to engage into whatever specific task they are doing. This is exactly what David Weinberger, author of “Too Big To Know” shows in his textbook. He gives the audience many different ways of communicating technical writing. Whether it be a report, an email, or letter. The point that he gets across to the audience is that there are other ways of communicating technical writing, but the type of platform that the author chooses to get his/her idea across is totally up to them.

I hope that by writing this letter to you, you will understand that your book is still a great book, but it should be aimed towards a subset of technical writers.



Yours Sincerely,

Avinash Singh


Recipient: books@scriptorium.com/books

Subject: Different approaches to Technical Writing


Dear Editors of Too Big To Know,

As a student enrolled in an Advanced Technical Writing course in New York City College of Technology, it is my upmost deep concern that you are portraying this subject in a demeaning manner. Even though it has been only half a semester since I have been enrolled in this course, my professor has taught me that there are more unique, individual ways in which technical writers can expose their content to audiences. By portraying your book with a course number, “101” on it, you are misguiding students and readers that technical writing should be done in a certain way, when that is not completely true at all. I hope that in a later edition, you will recognize this and maybe aim your book towards a more specific group of technical writers, who primarily wish to compose printed content.

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