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Soriba Sylla
300 Jay Street,  Apt.
Brooklyn, NY 11201
February 25th , 2013

Mr. David Weinberger
387 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10016

Dear Mr. David Weinberger:
My first remark is, the critic on the Mr. David Weinberger book “TOO BIG TO KNOW” relatively to the “Technical Writing 101(TW101)” can be very complexes, because David Weinberger‘s book is not about technical concept.
However, Technical Writing 101 recommends that to write about any concept a writer should possess the information as must as it’s possible. Also he/she should give the details that can make ease to be understand by the readers. I observe that Mr. David writes about “Knowledge”, then, he doesn’t provide must details about the definition of topic as TW 101 solicited. He doesn’t give the definition concrete of the knowledge, and neither the point of divergence or convergence of all knowledge. For example, he should tell the difference between scientific and non-scientific knowledge. He believes that Knowledge is information. When we look at this sentence from Mr. David’s book, “For example, information becomes knowledge when you decide whether to wear a sweater.” This means not all information can be knowledge. Therefore, Mr. David also, should clearly define and distinct the knowledge from a simple information, because according to Technical Writing 101, a technical writer is really a translator, his mission is to explain a complex concept to someone who has no skill about it. Also, I remark also that Mr. David doesn’t use any visual communication, that can lucid some passages to readers as a technical writer should do.
In other hand, I can see also, Mr. David W. has followed many steps of Technical Writing 101. He doesn’t make any redundancy in his book and he has no confusion inside. Too big to know is a book that is well organized the title and subtitle of text are clear and they are writing in the difference sizes that can help readers to understand the different topics that a writer tries to explain. Technical Writing 101 tells us a technical writer should give a lot of information to people that they need to use to understand the technology concept. When I consider this hypothesis, I can say that Mr. David W. provide a lot of information about Knowledge that is a principal topic of his book “TOO BIG TO KNOW”.I don’t know if Mr. David consulted his coworkers as Technical Writing 101 recommends but he has used many ideas from other celebrate people in the this book to reach his objective. For example he has mentioned what Harlan Cleverand did to its earliest known version, to establish the hierarchy between data, information, knowledge and wisdom in his subtitle “Triangular Knowledge”.
“Where is the life we have lost in living?
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?”

Then he has used the same idea wrote by T.S. Eliot “Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?” this time to explain that the Knowledge is not an actionable information and nether information of a mass of unrelated fact. Also he has used Skip Walter idea he said “while information is structured data, knowledge “is actionable information.”” Despite he doesn’t give exact definition of the knowledge, however, he has pointed out many information that can help readers to understand what knowledge is in the real sense.
He also, used many of facts to make its idea about knowledge understandable. Including “The way Enders’s team succeeded in growing the polio virus was to inject it into the brain of a monkey and see if it came down with the disease’s awful symptoms.” That Salk used then this chain of knowledge is still most up to date medical processes of the day, David W. said. He takes former President Bill Clinton legacy of the welfare reform legislation and Darwin’s facts during which “Henry David Thoreau observed a bird he hadn’t seen before “flapping low with heavy wing.”” Also, Darwin’s work on barnacles before noticed that individual barnacle was representative of a species. I can point out only these examples of facts that Mr. David w has used in his writing technique in the book “Too Big To Know” to make ease for people to understand his thought about knowledge.
Therefore, Mr. David you should revise this book to complete all elements that you miss in order to be in same level as today’s modern technical writer.



Sylla, Soriba

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